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Our clients range from mid-sized corporations to individual families throughout Florida and beyond.
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Our practice is focused exclusively on providing immigration legal services of the highest quality & commitment.
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Our team of immigration lawyers & their credentials truly support the valuable resources we provide to our clients.


Our mission is to provide the most competent US Immigration counsel available at the best possible rate.


Our team of immigration lawyers in the Miami area is prepared to fight for you and your family.


Our clients range from individuals and families to mid-size corporations throughout Florida and beyond.


Our practice is focused exclusively on providing immigration legal services of the highest quality & commitment.


Our immigration law practice is focused entirely on providing immigration legal support services of the highest quality with uncompromising dedication to responsiveness and exemplary service.

Citizens and permanent residents of the United States have the ability to petition the federal government for an immigrant visa for particular family members. US citizens can petition for more categories of family members. Learn more »

Business and their human resources staff must balance the criteria to only hire those authorized to work with the equal protection requirements of the Constitution and federal and state laws.

Employers can file an H-1B petition to hire an H-1B worker. An individual may also apply for an investor visa or EB-5 employment creation visa. Learn more »

Citizens and permanent residents of the United States have the power to petition the federal government for an immigrant visa for certain family members. US citizens can petition for more categories of loved ones. Learn more »

Federal immigration laws allow different ways for a non-citizen of the United States to become a permanent resident. There are a variety of visas that serve as a pathway to residency. Learn more »

Navigating the risky waters of United States Immigration Law is becoming increasingly more difficult for employers. The sanctuaries that were once in effect to protect employers from consequences for hiring unauthorized workers. Learn more »

When a person does not accept the ruling of the immigration judge at the conclusion of their removal proceedings, they can appeal the judgment to the Board of Immigration Appeals in Falls Church, VA. Learn more »


We are aware of ALL the immigration options available for you, and our Miami immigration attorneys can help you resolve your problem in the most affordable way possible, with the highest chance for success.

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Immigration Attorney

As an immigration attorney, Our Founder Garry Davis is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and only practices immigration law. His expertise encompasses all areas of immigration law, with special focus on deportation defense, employment immigration, investment immigration, family immigration, appeals, and federal court litigation...


Our mission is to supply the absolute most competent US Immigration counsel available at the most ideal possible price. Our goal is to keep families together and businesses operating effectively and efficiently.

As a Miami immigration law firm, our hope is that when our arrangement is at its closing, our clients are looking forward to referring friends, family and colleagues to our office for immigration help in the future.



My experience with Davis & Associates was excellent, all the people that work there were very very helpful with me and they were always there answering questions. They walked me and my husband through the process of my paperwork very clear, Davis & Associates they really know what they are doing, I visit 10 immigration lawyers and they were all a scam! I will recommend very highly to go with Davis & Associates  immigration attorney team for your immigration issues...they are honest and affordable..they are the best!


I more than anyone knows that I did the right thing in choosing Davis & Associates. I am indeed a very satisfied client. You are very honest, effective, affordable and above all you become like a family. I got my green card due to you. There was a time when you were out of the country and I needed your advice you took time to furnish me with the required information despite the difference in time zone. I highly appreciate your service and I have been recommending you all to everybody I know. Thank you once again.


Thank you guys for all of your great work. My wife and I were very pleased with your services and we couldn’t have picked a better team to take on our case. We will definitely be referring Davis & Associates to our family and friends. The process was very smooth and affordable. Thank you again!


Mr. Gary Davis is without a doubt an amazing lawyer/attorney. Above all he is a very good listener which is a plus for his clients and holds an amazing personality and willing to help people. Am more than happy to work with Mr. Davis at any time.


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